Last Day of School

Tuesday was Emma’s last day of school and we are all SO sad!  Emma absolutely loved school this year- even more than I imagined that she would.

I was hesitant about starting her in a 2 day program when she was only 20 months old but to this point, I think it’s one of the best parenting decisions we’ve made! 

We really saw a change in Emma when she started school.  She started talking more, she made friends, she ‘came out of her shell’, she learned to follow directions, she learned to share, she learned songs about Jesus, and I could go on and on!

Here are some pictures from her last day of school.  They had “Water Play Day” on the last day she is wearing her swimsuit and cover-up (and carrying gifts for her teachers.)

I was very impressed with the teachers for tackling a water play day with 8 two year olds!  They changed all of them out of their wet clothes and into dry clothes- that’s impressive!  They said Emma loved playing in the water.




Here are a couple of pictures of Emma with her teachers, Miss Kathy (left), and Miss Michelle (right):



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