Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday. I can’t believe this was my 3rd Mother’s Day as a Mom! Here is a picture from my 1st Mother’s Day in 2007 (is it just me or does it look like I don’t know how to hold a baby…. maybe I’ll look more smooth the 2nd time around!)


I’m very sad that I did not get any pictures of Emma and myself this Mother’s Day. It was such a busy day, it just completely slipped my mind! We went to church and then had a great lunch with my entire family at Charleston’s. It was very yummy.

Robin got me a cute Fossil purse (that I picked out and brought home a week ago and said, “can this be for Mother’s Day please?”) that I love. He also got me two sweet cards and some chocolates!

It was a wonderful day- mainly because I just feel so blessed to be Emma’s mommy and to know that we have another blessing on the way.

Here are a few pictures that I took of Emma before church on Mother’s Day.




She is getting her 2 year molars right now so she frequently has her hands in her mouth! Poor girl.

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