Painted Toenails

A couple of weeks ago Emma saw me painting my toenails in the bathroom and asked if I would paint hers also.  I have tried to paint her toenails before when she was about 15 months and it didn’t got over very well.  Apparently, she was READY this time.  She sat very still and did everything I told her to do… except for stay still after I painted her toenails so they could dry.  She was so excited that she ran through the house to show Koby and Daddy, thus resulting in smudged toenails.  She didn’t seem to mind though!

She asked me to re-paint them the very next night but I told her we needed to leave the current polish on for at least a week. (How’s that for a mom rule made up on the spot!)

Since that night she has enjoyed pretending to paint with a fingernail polish bottle (the lid is screwed on VERY tightly!)  She pretends to pain her knees, Koby’s nose, Daddy’s elbow, etc.

I have to admit that her painted toenails look really cute with her sandals… just in time for summer.



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