Zoo Trip

Emma and I had the pleasure of meeting some of our playgroup friends at the zoo today.  The weather was a little bit warm but it still made me happy because it felt like the official start of summer. 

Emma was tired at the beginning of the zoo trip because she was awake during the night but she still had a great time… she was just very very quiet!


Kylan and Emma checking out the kangaroos:



Taking a break for lunch:




Emma, Kate, and Kylan posing for a quick picture:


Mommy and Emma on the train- Emma loved it!



Eli and Anni on the train:



Emma on the carousel- she did not want to ride on an animal so we rode together on a bench seat!



The beginning of the carousel ride:



Near the end of the carousel ride:



In the car on the way home!



We’ll definitely have to make another trip to the zoo later this summer!

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