Baby Curry is keeping us waiting…

Several of you have already heard but for those who have not, sorry to keep you waiting!  We went to the Dr. last Thursday for our almost 16 week ultrasound and unfortunately, we did not get  a definitive answer about the sex of our baby!  The Dr. made a “guess” but was not 100% sure so we are waiting until our next ultrasound to announce and celebrate.  (Remember with Emma our Dr. told us he thought Emma might be a boy at first, then another ultrasound revealed that she was a girl!  We have learned to wait until they are sure before we announce!)  Our next appt. is July 1st and believe me, I am counting down the days. :)

Looks like the poll on our blog is leaning towards boy… there’s still time to vote if you haven’t voted yet.  :)

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

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