Finger Painting and Potty Training…

Two weekends ago I had scheduled on my calendar 3 intense days of potty training.  That was my FIRST mistake.  I scheduled potty training according to MY schedule.  I was off work for several days and Emma had just turned 2 and half and I decided NOW was the time for Emma to tackle this challenge of toddler-hood. 

I read several books, talked to several friends, and ultimately decided on the “ditch the diapers, wear big girl panties, stay at home and learn to go potty for 2 day” method.  The first day was rough.  The second day was more rough.  The third day Robin and I looked at each other and said, “Wanna try again in a few months?” 

Emma is such a smart girl, I know she understands the concept, but she also wants to do things on HER time table.  She did not like me telling her what to do and when to do it. 

After talking to our Pediatrician, we decided to hold off for a bit and wait until she shows more signs of readiness.  I’m confident that she’ll let us know when she’s ready. :)

I will admit that I had a great 2 days at home with Emma while we attempted potty training.  I was completely focused on her for 2 days- I wish I could do that more often!  She is so much fun. 

Here are a few pics of her finger painting in her princess big girl panties- she got some finger paints as a special treat after going potty in the potty. (this was one rare successful attempt!)



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