Hangin’ Out

Our summer is off to a great start!  Who knew a 2 and half year old’s social calendar could fill up so quickly during the summer?  We’ve been swimming, going to Birthday parties, and spending tons of time outside. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Emma and Koby hanging out in Daddy’s office last week.  Koby loves to watch out the window and Emma often goes to sit on the ledge by him.  (little does she know she kind of blocks his view!)



Last weekend we went over the our friends’ house to hang out for the evening.  Emily is about 5 months younger than Emma and they love playing together.  We ate yummy Lanna Thai for dinner then played outside (bubbles, sidewalk chalk, running in the grass, etc.) until the girls were clearly exhausted.  We ended the night by eating ice cream cups and drumstick ice cream cones.  Emma had one of each. :)

Emily (2), Emma (2 and a half):



Hanging out in the patio chairs:



Sidewalk chalk fun:



The daddy’s feeding the girls ice cream:



Eating ice cream drumsticks:


Thanks John, Susan, and Emily for a very fun evening!

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