Trip to the Kiddie Park




Saturday night we took a road trip with our Connect Group to the Bartlesville Kiddie Park.  It was really neat for me to be able to go back the Kiddie Park because I practically grew up at the park when I was little.  My grandparents lived in Bartlesville for many many years and this was my favorite place to go with them when I went to stay with them for a week every summer.  It’s very funny how the park seems a lot smaller now that I’m an adult.  When I was little, I remember thinking it was like Disney World! 

It was really neat to be able to bring Emma to the Kiddie Park.  It’s the perfect place for toddlers and preschoolers.  I knew that she would be timid and a bit scared of the rides… and she was!  We tried to convince her to ride several of the rides but she was content to watch her friends!  Finally, after an hour and a half daddy asked her if she wanted to ride the swings and she said, “Yes!”    So we threw her on the swing and held our breath.  She did great!  She smiled the entire ride. 

She also agreed to ride the train with both mommy and daddy and the carousel with daddy twice.  That was the extent of her riding adventures- the swings once, the train once, and the carousel twice.  I’m positive that she’ll ride more rides next time we go- she just has to take it all in and observe once first. 

She loved the ice cream cone and cotton candy that we got to have- what a treat!


Aubrey and Emma thinking about riding the boats- Aubrey did!:



Emma and Kinley:



Emma thinking about riding the cars- she decided NO!:



The parents (and Emma) waiting on the other kiddos:



Yummy ice cream:



Wes and Aubrey, Robin and Emma on the train:



Emma and  Daddy on the train:



Yeah, Emma rode the swings!!!:






Emma and daddy cuddling on the carousel:


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