We’re having a….




And his name will be….


Ok, so we got a sneak peak ultrasound last week and found out that we are for sure (like 110%) having a boy.  Words cannot express how excited we are!  I would have been fine either way- I know that Emma would have loved having a little sister and we already have all of the “girl” stuff.  However, I know that mommy will really love having a little boy.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of having a son, is that weird?

I also think that Robin will love having a son- he feels a lot of pressure- you know, for him to turn out ok!  However, I have no doubts that Robin will set a great example of how to be a nice Christian man.

We have decided to name his Foster, my maiden name.  We haven’t quite settled on a middle name but that will come very soon.

Yes, I’ve already ordered a personalized onesie from Pottery Barn with Foster’s name on it.  :)  I’m just a little bit excited. 


7 thoughts on “We’re having a….

  1. YAY for baby boys!! i am very excited for boys too ;). but like robin, shane feels a lot of pressure also. i know they will do great. i love the name foster. i actually know a girl who just named her baby boy foster, and i thought it was SO cute. hope you're feeling great!!

  2. How exciting!! Yea! Love the name too! Congrats! Boys aren't quite as dramatic as girls! ;)

  3. Hooray for boys!! I am so excited to see how much fun Zane and Foster will have together. Can't wait to see what Craig & Fallon are having. I am predicting a girl to balance us out!

  4. Sooo excited for you all…and love the pic with the name on the onsie…you are so creative!!

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