Braum’s Chocolate Malts

I think I’ve mentioned before that I craved Braum’s chocolate malts during my entire pregnancy with Emma.  I had at least one/week, probably more…. which may be why Emma was 8 lbs 6 ozs at birth and very very swollen and huge! 

I digress… I guess it would be no surprise that Emma now LOVES chocolate malts from Braum’s!  She also enjoys the chocolate shakes from Chili’s.

On this particular day, my mom and I bribed Emma with a chocolate malt from Braum’s IF she would sit still for a few pictures at Portrait Innovations (which I will post later.) 

Here is a picture of Emma receiving her “reward.”  She can drink a whole malt by herself. :)  I figure she’s getting some good calcium, right?  AND, she’s in the 7th percentile for weight so she can stand to gain a few pounds.


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