Crazy sleeping!

Emma has always been a pretty wild sleeper!  Once she falls asleep, she sleeps for a long time, but getting to sleep has always been a challenge!

We recently tried to move her from her “baby room” to her “big girl room.” 

Our entire first week was quite a challenge!  Mommy and daddy were quite sleep deprived that week!

The very first night that she stayed in her room the entire night we told her she could sleep ON the bed, or ON the floor but she needed to stay IN her room. 

In the morning, I walked in and could not find her ANYWHERE!!!  I was scared to death.

And then I heard a very faint, muffled, “mommy?”

She was UNDER HER BED!!!

Why or how?  I’m not sure!  I think she felt safe under her bed. 


This is what I saw when I walked in…. NO EMMA!



“Oh, there you are Emma!”





She is a very funny kid. :)

One thought on “Crazy sleeping!

  1. I cannot stop laughing hysterically at this. She is so funny! That is definitely a story you need to remember!

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