Curry Family Lake Trip

Every year Robin’s side of the family gets together at Possum Kingdom lake in Texas for a weekend of fun in the sun.  This was Emma’s 3rd time to attend the Curry reunion and she had a great time.  Every year there are more children added to the mix which makes things extra fun and crazy!  Next year we really need to get a picture of the whole group- there are about 30 people all together.


This picture was taken right after Pops and Gigi drove up to our cabin.  Pops immediately hopped out of the car and ran straight to Emma.  (I think he may have forgotten to say hi to Robin and me but that’s beside the point.) 

He brought Emma this pinwheel and she loved it!



Emma with her life jacket on- first day on the boat:



Emma and 2nd cousin Carson, they were best buds this year- Carson is only one month younger than Emma:



Aunt Fallon and Uncle Craig:



Emma and daddy cruisin’ on the boat: (Emma kept saying “Go faster, faster!”)



Carson and Emma taking a break to eat some goldfish on the boat:



Does she look happy or what?



Uncle Craig and Robin riding the Sea-doo (this is a dangerous combination!)



Emma pretending to drive the boat:



Emma and daddy playing in the lake:



Emma and Carson at dinner:



Emma and Fallon invented a new game where Fallon would shake and pull Emma’s arms back and forth and Emma would laugh hysterically.  No one else was allowed to play- just Fallon!: (I’ll post a video later.)



Playing on the shore with Carson, Uncle Tommy, and Aunt Crystal:



What a pose!



Uncle Tommy and Emma in the lake (Emma LOVES to play with Uncle Tommy!):



Robin, Emma, Tommy, and Crystal- this picture is kind of dark but still worth posting:



Pops and Emma taking a leisurely boat ride- Emma was about to fall asleep!:



Gigi taking a leisurely boat ride- she just had foot surgery 2 and half weeks before the lake trip and really had to take it easy:



Emma walking back to the cabin- doesn’t she look like such a big girl?:



Emma, Robin, and Maw Maw:



We had a great time catching up with everyone and we can’t wait until next year!

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