Pops and Gigi’s House

After our wonderful weekend at the lake, we drove to Pops and Gigi’s house (about 2 hours away) to spend the night with them and go to their church on Sunday morning.


Gigi showing Emma how to put cold water in the pool:



Emma doing it “all by myself”:



Emma putting water in the pool while Pops cleans the pool, such good teamwork!:



Tommy teaching Emma how to shoot water with your hands:



Gigi wondered if Emma might be ready to sit in big church.  Pops is the pastor so I though maybe just maybe Emma would be in awe of that and be very quiet and still.  She was great throughout the Praise and Worship.  Then Pops appeared in the baptistry to baptize a young child and Emma whispered loudly, “Uh oh Pops, a shadow!”  There was a large shadow of him on the wall behind him (from the spotlight) and she was afraid that the shadow was going to get him. 

She stayed for about 5 minutes of the sermon and then we had to make a quick exit.  I guess she’s not quite ready for big church.

Here is a picture of Emma sitting next to daddy before “big church” started:



Emma riding on Gigi’s scooter after church- she loved riding with Gigi!:


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