The “Dog” Days of Summer


A couple of weekends ago my best friend, Sarah, came to Tulsa to see her family for Father’s Day.  On Sunday afternoon we decided to take our dog Koby, and her two dogs, Lucy and Lola, to the new dog park.  The name of the dog park is “Biscuit Acres” and it is at Hunter Park.  I was SO excited when I heard about a dog park going in so close to our house.  Taking Koby to the dog park in Dallas was one of our favorite things to do.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much exercise these days, as you can tell from his current “figure!”

We were hoping that Koby would love to run and play, but he sat right beside our bench most of the time!  He’s so out of shape.  He loved watching the other dogs play though and so did Emma!


Robin, Emma, and Koby just hanging out:



Emma LOVES dogs and she LOVED watching them run and play:



Love this picture!:



Emma and Lola



Emma and Lola cuddling on our couch:


We had a great time Sarah- bring Lucy and Lola back soon!

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