Grandma’s 90th Birthday

My Grandma, Emma’s Great-Grandma, turned 90 years old on July 31st! 

My Grandma was a huge part of my life growing up.  She and Grandpa lived in Bartlesville for most of  their lives.  I spent a week with them every summer and saw them at least once a month during the regular school year. 

I have to admit that Grandma spoiled me just a tad bit.  That’s what Grandparents are for, right?

She now lives in a nursing home in Tulsa.  It makes me sad to see her so limited and aged.  It’s just not the way I remember her.  I guess that’s just a part of aging, but it’s hard.

We try to visit her as often as we can, but it’s getting harder and harder to go see  her with a busy 2 and half year old! :)

Here is a picture of Grandma, Emma, and me at her birthday party. (I wish Emma was smiling in this picture, we tried!)


IMG_0001 edited

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