Promotion Sunday

Last Sunday at church was Promotion Sunday- the Sunday when all of the kids move on to their next class because it is a new school year.

Let’s just say that Emma doesn’t appreciate “change.”  We talked to her about Promotion Sunday for several days so she would be prepared, but it didn’t seem to ease her nerves.  She was so nervous!  We were the first ones in her class (which didn’t help!)  I went in with her and sat at one of the round tables with her.  She looked around, studied everything in the room, sucked her fingers, etc.  Her first question was “Where’d the baby dolls go?”  She really missed the baby dolls and cribs from her old classroom!

Most of her good friends are still in her class but the mix did change quite a bit which really threw her off!  We talked to her about the importance of making new friends.

We survived the Sunday and now move on to preparing her for her first day of school in a few weeks!



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