Scary Weekend

We had quite an eventful few days this past weekend.  On Friday, we got a call from my cousin to report that my Aunt Renee (mom’s 59 year old sister) had fallen down some stairs at their house while on Vacation in Shreveport and was now in ICU due to a brain bleed.  Initially, she was very stable.  However, by 9:30 Friday night things really took a turn for the worse and 2 doctors indicated that she most likely would not make it through the night. 

My mom, my brother Brandon, and I jumped in the car at midnight on Friday and drove straight to Shreveport, arriving to the hospital at 6 am. 

To make a long story short and save you all of the gory details, Renee made a miraculous turn for the better sometime during the night on Friday night/early Saturday.  Saturday morning she was somewhat alert and she went into emergency brain surgery which the Neurosurgeon felt went very well. 

We stayed in Shreveport for the weekend but had to return home Sunday night because we all had to work on Monday.

When we left on Sunday, Aunt Renee was still on the ventilator, but in stable condition.  Right now, things will be evaluated one day at a time.  We are just so grateful that she made it through the surgery and seems to be improving daily.

***On a side note, I want to thank my incredibly supportive husband for encouraging me to go be with my family.  He stayed home with Emma and played the role of single dad for two whole days.  I think Emma really gave him a run for his money but he didn’t complain one bit.  Thank you Robin for being such a great dad and husband.***

Here is a picture of Renee with mom and Emma during her most recent visit to Tulsa on June 25th. 



Here is a picture of the door to Renee’s ICU hospital room.  Renee’s Granddaughter, Olivia, drew these pictures for Renee after she “got sick.”  She drew a picture of her doll, Molly, and a picture of Renee as a ROCKSTAR!  I thought this was so sweet!IMG_0010


One bright side to the event (as if there could be a bright side to such a tragic event) is that all 4 cousins got to be together for the first time in about 10 years.  I only have two cousins: Jeff and Steve (Renee’s sons.)  We saw each other yearly when we were growing up but as we have become adults and moved to opposite ends of the U.S, our time together has become very scarce.  It was great to see both of my cousins, even if it was under crummy circumstances. 


Jeff, Brandon, Jill, and Steve:



Olivia taking advantage of having two strong guys to swing her in the hallway at the hospital:  Uncle Jeff on her left, and 2nd Cousin Brandon on her right:


We continue to pray for Renee daily.  We know that it will be a long, difficult recovery process but she is a very strong person and we have faith that she can do it!  We welcome your prayers for Aunt Renee and her two sons. 

2 thoughts on “Scary Weekend

  1. Oh Jill, I can't imagine how incredibly scary this must have been!! I'm so thankful that she is doing better and will continue to pray for her healing. And I really think it's good to have you on her side…I know it was for me too ;)

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