Trip to Colorado

(Warning- this is a long post!)

Last week we took an unplanned family trip to Fort Collins, Colorado after the passing of my mom’s sister, Renee. I posted 3 weeks ago about her hospitalization. We had high hopes that she was on the road to recovery, however, she passed away early in the morning on August, 20th.

Ironically, my dad passed away this same month 3 years ago, when I was 6 months pregnant with Emma. I’m not liking this ‘losing a close family member during my 6th month of pregnancy’ trend. Adversity makes us stronger, right?

Back to our Colorado trip… we debated if Robin and Emma should travel to Colorado with me but I’m so glad they made the trip. Ft. Collins is a beautiful town and we had some great family time even though we were there under sad circumstances.

Emma has flown on an airplane twice before but she wasn’t quite old enough to appreciate it or remember it… this time she LOVED every second of the airplane experience!

We left on Tuesday mid-day and returned home early afternoon on Friday. We stayed in a hotel room with my mom and brother and had some real family bonding time! Emma slept great every night and was really well behaved during the entire trip. I was so proud of her.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Day 1: Tuesday, August 25th:

Big Girl Emma walking through the airport with Uncle Brandon:


Such a big girl!


On the plane… ready to take off:




On the underground train at the Denver airport:


Uncle Brandon and Emma watching ALL of our luggage at the Denver airport:


After making it to the hotel, Emma had to do this for about 30 minutes!


Day 2, Wednesday, August 26th:

We started the day by having brunch at one of my aunt’s favorite restaurants, “The Silver Grill.” The breakfast food was amazing!

Emma sat next to her 2nd cousin, Olivia, who is almost 5 years old- they had a great time together as you can tell from the pictures below:





Emma and my cousin Steve, one of Renee’s two sons:


Robin, Emma, and Olivia checking out the church:


The funeral was at 4:30 on Wednesday followed by a dinner reception at the church. I did not get any pictures from the reception. Everything during the ceremony was beautiful and perfect.

That evening we decided to go for a swim in our hotel pool and then hang out with my cousins.



Day 3, Thursday, August 27th:

We spent most of the day on Thursday taking care of Steve’s kiddos so that they could take care of some things.

In the evening we all went to dinner and then treated ourselves to “Walrus” ice cream. Emma had strawberry ice cream in a white chocolate dipped sprinkle cone- this is what Olivia decided that Emma wanted. :)



Sweet Madeline eating her ice cream:


The gang: Adults (left to right): Robin, Jill, Jeff, Gail, Danny, Robin, Steve

Kids: (left to right): Olivia, Emma, and Madeline


Day 4, Friday, August 28th:

We had to catch a shuttle from Fort Collins to the Denver airport around 10:00 on Friday morning. The shuttle ride TO Denver was great- we all took naps. The shuttle ride on Friday was not as great- there were NO shocks on the bus and I felt like I was going to go into labor at any minute- talk about a rough ride! We did have a scenic drive and got to look at the beautiful countryside out the windows. Emma loved riding the shuttle:




I love this view (out the window) of the countryside with the mountains in the background, God is so amazing!:


The Denver airport:


Waiting patiently for the underground train:


“Look, our airplane Daddy!”



This picture really sums up the end of our trip… Emma was very tired and ready to be home. She was fairly restless on the flight home, but luckily she was just slap-happy and laughed hysterically. We prefer that to crying. :)


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