First Day of School 2009

Today was a BIG day! Emma has been anxiously waiting for school to start for weeks and weeks. (Mommy has been excited too by the way!) I guess we didn’t really realize how much Emma loved school until the summertime when she didn’t get to go!

Emma is in the 2C class at our church which consists of children who are “older 2’s” at the start of school.

We could tell she was a little bit nervous this morning- she came into our room very early and wouldn’t stop talking- she’s a chatterbox when she’s nervous. She was very concerned about having new teachers but I know she’ll warm up to them very quickly.

When we got to her classroom she immediately walked right in after she saw her good friend, Kaycee who was in her class last year also.

Here are some pictures from this morning before school.

Miss Emma on the bench in front of our house- Yes, she is holding my iphone- she is addicted to a puzzle game on my phone and doesn’t like to put it down- shouldn’t every 2 year old be holding an iphone in their 1st day of school picture?


Emma with her backpack and lunchbox- purchased at JBF last weekend! Nothing like last minute school shopping!


Emma and Mommy- yes I’m already HUGE! I’m much bigger now than I was at this point with Emma. I’m fine being huge as long as the baby remains healthy. :) Next time I’ll have Robin take the picture from a better angle! (There really isn’t a better angle!)


This is the cutest picture in the whole world! Doesn’t she look so excited to school? 20090901_0094

Emma and Kaycee in their new classroom. They were so excited to see each other!


Here is a short video of Emma walking into the church- you can tell she’s nervous! And yes, her daddy says “Take your finger out of your nose” in the video!

It’s amazing to see how much she’s changed in just one year. Click HERE to see pictures from her first day of school last year.

Emma will be going to school 3 days a week this year- Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. She is already ready to go back on Thursday!

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