From Pink to Blue

It’s official, we have a BLUE nursery…  I guess we can have a baby boy now. :)  

If I haven’t mentioned it already, we moved Emma from her previous room to a room on the other side of the house (farther away from our room) so that the room closest to ours can be the baby’s nursery.  The transition was not easy.  We really “talked up” her big girl room and her big girl bed, but I honestly think she would have been content to stay in her crib until Kindergarten!

Thankfully, things are going better now.  She enjoys her room, is sleeping in her bed, and now refers to the nursery as “Baby Foster’s room.”  I will post pictures of Emma’s new room in a later post.

We spent the last couple of weekends converting the “pink room” to a “blue room.”  After looking at a million paint samples, I settled on a Benjamin Moore color called “White Satin”- but it’s actually blue, go figure!  Pottery Barn Kids recommends this color and it matches the bedding perfectly. 

My sweet Aunt Judy helped us tremendously with the painting process.  She is always so willing to help out in any way.  We could not have done it without her help. 

I will post pictures of the finished nursery when it is finished, which may be a few more weeks!


This is a picture of the room before painting.  This was the only room in the house we had not yet painted- this was the color that the entire interior of our house was painted before we got a hold of it- kind of a mauve/pink color.  It was fine for Emma’s room, but I was very happy to finally re-paint this room.20090912_0062


Robin and Judy painted all day Saturday and Sunday, such hard little workers…  I hate to admit that I took a long Sunday afternoon nap while they painted!



Are we having fun yet?



All done painting!



We painted the closet too because Foster can’t have a pink closet, right?



Every morning when I walk by the room, I smile.  I’m just so excited to have a little boy on the way!

Thanks Robin and Judy for all of your hard work- you two should go into the painting business together, just kidding. 

2 thoughts on “From Pink to Blue

  1. Love the color Jill! It will be so fun to have a blue little boy room. Can't wait to see the final pictures or both the kids rooms. So much fun!

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