Trip to Meet Cousin Zane

The long Labor Day Weekend gave us a great opportunity to travel to Arlington, TX to meet the newest member of our extended family, Baby Zane! Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Yes, I was the first to get to hold Zane after we got there. :)


Robin and his nephew Zane:


Gigi, Zane, and Emma on the porch swing:


Pops, multi-tasking: holding baby Zane, preparing for a church activity, and grilling, all at once!


Aunt Crystal, Emma, and Gigi laughing on the couch:


Pops coloring with Emma:


Pops showing Emma off at church:


This is a funny story… Pops’ church went through a building process a couple of years ago and during the construction, Pops decided to carve his name in the cement with a small stick while the cement was drying! All of his kids crack up about this. This weekend, we showed Pops’ name to Emma and she had fun tracing over it with her own stick. When Pops walked out of the church she said, “Look Pops, I wrote your name in the sidewalk!:




Pops teaching Emma how to grill:



Zane hanging out with daddy, Tommy… LITERALLY hanging out!


Zane seemed to be very comfortable in this position!


The other proud uncle and aunt, Craig and Fallon:


This picture was taken the last day we were there- Zane was one week old here. I can’t believe how much he changed in the 4 days we were there!


Robin and Zane:


Emma and Zane- saying good bye:


We love you Tommy, Crystal, and Zane. Can’t wait to see you again in a couple of months!

One thought on “Trip to Meet Cousin Zane

  1. What fun practice for your little boy on the way! You guys look like natural "boy parents" already! Zane is a little doll! I just want to reach through and kiss that sweet head of hair!

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