What have we been up to?

Being sick!   All 3 of us were sick most of last week with severe allergies, sinus infections, ear infections, the works!  We all went to the Dr. and are all on antibiotics.

We thought we were on the mend but then Emma got really sick on Sunday night- she started running a high fever and throwing up.  It was a very rough night.  Monday morning, her fever spiked a 106.2 degrees- yes, even nurse mommy was a tad bit scared!  She couldn’t even keep Motrin down.  She looked so pitiful.  We finally did get some Motrin in her at about noon (while waiting for a 1:00 Dr’s appt.)  When we finally made it to the Dr., she was a different child- happy, smiling, 99 degree temp.  I have to admit I was a little mad at her.  I had called the Dr. twice that morning panicked and when we finally made it there- she looked fine!  He said she probably had a virus of some kind.  She has had a low-grade fever off- and-on but nothing like 106.2.  It must have been a weird 24 hour virus of some kind.  Very weird!  I’m thankful that it passed quickly. 

I’m hoping that we are getting all of our winter illnesses out of the way NOW before the baby comes. :)  Wishful thinking?

I can’t have a post without pictures so here are two unrelated pictures.  I love these two pictures of Emma and Nana- taken a little over a week ago. 



One thought on “What have we been up to?

  1. Jill, the last pic of your mom and emma is darling! I love Emma's expression!! You can tell she LOVES her Nana.

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