36 weeks Pregnant… almost time for Foster!


This picture was taken on Monday, when I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant.  36 weeks is very significant to me… that means that Foster is “term” and as a NICU nurse, “term” is a miracle. :)  I’m so grateful and in awe of God that I have been able to carry both of our kids to term.  Just last week, we lost twin babies in the NICU- they were born just shy of 23 weeks and they only lived for a day.  Life is precious and I do not take it for granted that God allowed us to have 2 healthy pregnancies. 

We go tomorrow (Thursday) for our first weekly Dr’s appointment.  He said that we would talk induction dates at this appointment so I’ll be sure and update.

I can’t stand to see pregnant pictures of myself but someday I may want them.  I can’t see why, but just maybe! 

This is also a sneak peak at Foster’s room.  I’ll do a full post about his nursery this weekend because it’s finally DONE! 

3 thoughts on “36 weeks Pregnant… almost time for Foster!

  1. Jill!!!! First of all, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! I thought that immediately when I saw the picture of you!!! I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant someday!!!! And, Foster's room is adorable!!!!! You two have done a great job!

  2. you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and i am so glad you took that pic! i have been meaning to tell you that i thought about you during our (cullen's) stay in the NICU. our nurses were so wonderful and i thought how i know you are blessing so many families and how i wished you could be our nurse too :). i mean i would have loved you there for delivery :) but the NICU can be sooo scary and the precious nurses made my day every day. you are going to absolutely love being a baby boy mama!! it is so wonderful, takes my breath away every day!! for some reason the 2nd time around is so much easier and better, i promise!! love you!!

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