Boomer Sooner Bummer

Last Saturday we got together with my brother, Kim, Isabella, my mom, and Judy to hang out and watch the OU/TX game.

This has been a ROUGH season for the Sooners!  I keep telling Emma that OU is the BEST team (besides Baylor) and they keep losing so I think she is very confused.

The important thing is that we had fun as a family.  We ate chips and queso, mom’s famous chili, and brownies.  At half time we carved pumpkins. So despite the loss to TX, it was a good time had by all!

Chowing down on chips and queso:



Don’t they look like a happy bunch?



Judy and Emma holding up #1 signs:



Emma loves Aunt Judy:



Half time = Pumpkin Time:



Emma dove right in to get the pumpkin seeds out:




Watching Uncle Brandon carve the pumpkin:



I love this picture- Robin is rolling his eyes at my brother because my brother is trying to show Robin how carving a pumpkin is “really done.”  Male egos at work!



Daddy and Emma carving their pumpkin:



Brandon and Robin at work:



We lit the jack-o-lantern that night- Emma loved it!  IT’s a kitty cat and moon, can you tell?



One thought on “Boomer Sooner Bummer

  1. Super cute!!! Now, where is that momma and baby brother?!? We definitely need a picture of y'all too! SO sorry I haven't called back…we've been crazy busy. And now HK has a fever and we aren't going to get to stay with the Kreys tonight :(. We're hoping she'll feel better by the AM so we can at least go for the day. Won't be the same without y'all though!! I will call soon. Take care of that baby boy!!

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