First Dentist Visit

I took Emma to the dentist for her first exam on Wednesday, October 7th. 

It was a very surreal experience for me because I took her to the same dentist (Dr. Winder) that I went to from the time I was 2 to 18… now I was going there as a parent!  Weird.

I was very nervous about Emma’s teeth.  She sucked on a pacifier for 2 years, still drinks from a sippy cup, loves apple juice, etc., etc.  Also, I have very bad teeth.  My mouth is probably worth a million dollars due to all of the dental work I’ve had done over the years.

Back to Emma…  her appointment went great!  Emma sat in my lap while Dr. Winder looked in her mouth with a special tool and light.  He said her teeth look perfect- no cavities.  He does predict that she’ll need braces later because her mouth is very small and her teeth are very close together.

Daddy is in charge of brushing Emma’s teeth every  night and obviously he is doing a great job!

Emma loved going to the toy box after her exam.  Dr. Winder said, “Emma, your mommy can show you where the toys are- she used to get one each visit too!”  I did remember right where it was- but the toys are cooler now.

Here are some pictures of Emma before her appointment and one after.




Here she is holding her new fancy toothbrush!

after dentist 2

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