Raking the Leaves

When we bought our house, we loved that it had so many tall trees… we have now learned that along with the tall trees comes LEAVES, LEAVES, and MORE LEAVES!  Thus, we have one more home ownership chore!  However, it’s a chore that I don’t mind.  There is something so therapeutic about raking leaves and they are so pretty!

Today, Emma was ‘helping’ rake the leaves with a broom while talking on the phone (walky-talky) and carrying her purse.  Talk about multi-tasking!



Taking a quick work break to talk on the phone:



When I asked Emma who she was talking to on the phone she said, “Oh, my mom.”





These next pictures will be hard to explain.  For the past 8 months we have been telling Emma that mommy has a baby in her tummy and when we found out it was a boy we told her “Baby Foster” is in mommy’s tummy.  She frequently asks if she can take him “out” of my tummy to play with him.  She pretends to take him out of my belly button and walks around holding him on her shoulder, in her hands, and talking to him very gently.  Talk about an imagination!  We hope she is as sweet with him in person as she is when she is pretending.  Here she is holding baby Foster today:




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