Woodward Park

I’ll start this post with a picture of  Emma (as a teaser) but then I must begin with a funny story.



For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE photography.  I am so jealous of people who have the natural talent to take beautiful photographs.  One of my goals as a mommy is to capture everyday “moments” of Emma.  I often go back and look at pictures from my childhood and they bring back so many wonderful memories.  I want my kids to be able to do the same. 

I have been following Ashley Ann’s blog for a while (maybe a year and half) and really love her work. She is a local photographer and mom of 4.  Ashley captures her kids doing everyday things and I love that she uses mostly natural lighting.  Several months ago she stopped scheduling photo sessions for other people but began having SnapShop classes for moms like me who want to learn to take better pictures.  I  tried to get into her first 5 classes, but they always filled up too quickly.  Two weeks ago she e-mailed me that she had an opening in her Oct. 24th class and I quickly said, “Sign me up!”  I then called Robin and said, “Would it be ok if I take Ashley Ann’s photography class for my birthday present from you to me?  It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”  Being the  sweet husband that he is, he said yes.  Then I followed that statement with…. “And a requirement for the class is that you have to have a Digital SLR camera so I’ll be shopping for that this weekend.”  Wasn’t that sneaky of me?  (honestly, we had planned on buying one before Foster was born anyway.)

So I got the camera, got a spot in the class, and I loved every minute of it.  It was 8 hours of hands-on photography with other moms.  We even got to practice on real life kids and babies!

Then I came home from the class and said, “Robin, thanks for the class and the camera, but I also realized today that I need a new house with more windows for natural light.”  That’s where he drew the line and I don’t blame him.  I’ll just have to find creative ways to use the lighting in my house. :)  Honestly, I love my house and was really only kidding.

SO, all of that to say… I have been very anxious since taking the class to take some pictures of Emma before Foster arrives, practicing the skills that I learned.

The Fall color here has been amazing for the past couple of weeks so I decided to venture to Woodward Park to take some pictures of Emma with the beautiful leaves.

‘I’ll start by saying that I broke 2 important rules that Ashley taught us:

1. Take pictures when your child is in their best mood.

I took Emma 1 hour before naptime… she threw a massive fit right before we left, laying on the kitchen floor crying because I wouldn’t let her take her shopping cart with us to the park.

2. Take pictures when the lighting is best.

I went at high noon- the worst time of the day for lighting!

HOWEVER, my disclaimer is that I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant and I had to go when my body would let me.

I took 259 pictures (no joke) and I got about 7 that I like.  That’s the great thing about digital pictures.

Here are some of my favorites.  It was not my plan for Bubba, the baby doll, to be in the pictures.  However, one thing that Ashley emphasized is that the details are important- Emma carries Bubba with her everywhere so why should he NOT be in the pictures?  IMG_0836









Love this one… she is so dramatic!




This was a great practice session and something tells me I’ll have many more opportunities to practice with my new camera in the near future!

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