1 week old

Sweet Foster is one week old today (Tuesday.)  I can’t believe he’s been with us for a whole week!

I fall in love with him a little bit more every day.

We went to our first Pediatrician appointment on Monday and everything checked out great… the only issue we are dealing with is a slight tongue-tie or “heart shaped tongue.”  He was very tongue-tied at birth and luckily a lactation consultant noticed it in the hospital and recommended that we have a Dr. there clip his frenulum (this is the piece of tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth.)  We had an ENT clip it  when he was 2 days old while we were still in the hospital.  Our Pediatrician said that his frenulum is still pretty tight but he did not recommend cutting it further.  He thinks that he will learn to nurse correctly over time so we are going to be patient with that. :) 

He was 8 pounds 4 ounces today, just 3 ounces away from his birth weight.  He really likes to eat!

So far (I am SO hesitant to say this) he such an easy going, laid back baby.  I love the few times a day when he is awake for 20 minutes or so after a feeding.  I just gaze into his sweet eyes and thank God for the blessing that he is.

Here are a few pics of our one week old little boy.






Relaxing Weekend and Cousin Bonding

This weekend Robin’s sister, Crystal, and brother-in-law, Tommy, brought their 3 1/2 month old son Zane on his first trip to Tulsa for a little bit of “cousin bonding!”

It was a great weekend of football watching and R & R for all of us.  Zane is an adorable baby- we couldn’t believe how much he’d grown since the last time we saw him.

Here are some pictures from our weekend.


Aunt Crystal holding Foster:



Uncle Tommy holding Foster:



Male bonding: Tommy, Robin, Foster, Brandon:



Zane and Foster (Zane was a very good sport!):



All 3 cousins: Zane, Foster, and Emma

(Lylah Belle will be here around New Year’s!)



We just happened to have the same onesie for the boys so we put them in the same outfit for a picture:



The dads with their kids:



… then Emma said, “I want a picture with the mommies!”… so we obliged: 




Robin wants Foster to have an appreciation for Tony Romo early in life:



Foster’s First Few Days at Home


Koby and Emma looking at each other saying, “What do we do with this new guy?”




Emma reaching out to hold Foster for the first time:









We gave Foster a mini sponge bath the first night he was home- Emma was a great helper!:






“His eyes are open, quick take a picture!"



Uncle Brandon feeding Foster a bottle:



Big Sister Emma holding Foster again:






Foster’s first OU game- Unfortunately his hat and burp cloth did not bring us much good luck.  Better luck next weekend!



Big Sister Emma and Foster:




More Hospital Pictures

We were in the hospital from Tuesday-Thursday.  Overall, I will say that this hospital experience was much better than our previous experience when Emma was born.  We were able to relax more, we felt more confident taking caring of a newborn, and we had great nurses. 

Here are a random assortment of pictures that we took of Foster while in the hospital:


Picture taken by the hospital:

hospital picture edit


Foster’s Pouty Lip (Emma made this same face when she was a newborn!):














Leaving the hospital…





Big Sister Emma

We always knew that Emma would be a great big sister… but it wasn’t until we actually saw Emma with Foster that we truly realized that she was MADE to be a big sister.  She is such a nurturer by nature.  Did you know that the name Emma means “Nurse"?”

Emma spent a lot of time with Nana and Pops and Gigi during the time that we were in the hospital with Foster.  Unfortunately, Emma was fairly sick beginning two days before Foster was born.  We had to be very careful about how close we allowed Emma to get to Foster in the hospital because we definitely didn’t want him to get sick.

The day that Foster was born Pops and Gigi took Emma to Chick-Fil-A and the mall to shop and play.  When they got the call that Foster had arrived they headed to the hospital.  Emma first got to see Foster through the nursery windows where daddy and the nurses were by his side.  Here are the pictures of Emma seeing him for the first time.









Touching hands for the first time:



We gave Emma a gift from baby Foster- it was an Olivia doll and Olivia book.



We also gave Emma her own disposable camera so that she could take her own pictures of her new baby brother.  I can’t wait to get those developed!



The 2nd day- Emma was still very excited to see Foster!   Here he is napping on daddy.



Watching Gigi hold Foster:



Checking him out with mommy on the hospital bed:



We are so excited to watch the relationship between Emma and Foster grow and develop.  We know that she is going to be a great big sister!

Many more pictures of Foster and Emma to come…

Getting to Know You…


Foster had a huge fan club from the minute he was born.  We feel so blessed to have such great family members who love our kids so much.

Here are pictures of each of the family members who held Foster the first night that he was born.  I’ll save the pictures of Emma meeting Foster for its own post because it was just so special. :)


Foster with Uncle Brandon:IMG_2052


Foster with Aunt Judy:



Foster with Nana:



Foster with Gigi:



Foster with Sara and Haley:



Foster with Christi:



Foster with Uncle Ron:



Foster with Gigi and Pops:


Foster James Curry

Foster James Curry was born on Tuesday, November 17th!  As scheduled, we went to the hospital early in the morning for an induction of labor… and just like last time we were 10 minutes late for our induction!   Thankfully, they still admitted us!

Labor went really well.  Fortunately, I progressed pretty steadily from the time the induction began and I was able to get my epidural just when things were beginning to get pretty painful.  At 2:10 my nurse checked me and said, “Oh my, I can see the head!”  She quickly got my doctor.  10 minutes and 3 pushes later, Foster was born. 

Foster did not cry much when he came out (which really worried this NICU nurse mommy) but he was very pink and had very good tone.  Ironically, he didn’t cry much at all is first few days of life- he’s just a really laid back baby!

Immediately upon seeing Foster, both my mom and Robin said, “He looks JUST like Emma did when she was born!”  He really did- it was kind of wild how much they looked alike.  I’ll do a post with comparison pictures later on.

Here are several pictures from Foster’s entrance into the world:


Jill during the very early part of labor:



Nana reading a magazine article to me while I labored away:



Here he is!:



8 pounds, 7 ounces… just one more ounce that Emma!:



Foster and Mommy:



Daddy and Foster:



Foster with his Mommy and Daddy:



I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on Foster… it was definitely love at first site.  There sure is something special about little boys- they are just so sweet!

Youth Group Reunion

Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to reunite with some of my very favorite people… my old youth group clan.  From about 1991-1995 these people were my world.  We saw each other 2-3 times/week, hung out on the weekend, etc. I was the youngest in the group and I remember it being very sad for me when most of them left for college and I was still left at home. 

This past weekend, several out-of-staters were in Oklahoma for their 10 year college reunion at Oklahoma Baptist University(all of them went there except for me.)  This gave us a great opportunity to all get together and catch up.  Sadly, not everyone was able to come, but we plan to get together again soon.

Robin had met most of them before but this is the first time we’d gotten together with all of the kiddos too… what a zoo!  It’s so funny to see how people have changed, but really, we’re all just the same!


The original clan without kids (left to right): Randall Frye, Ronnie Monigold (one of our teachers), Lorrie White, Amy Monigold (one of our teachers), Megan Tarter, Me, Carrie Shain, Kelly Shain



With kids and spouses (left to right): The Falat Family, The Frye Family, The Balderas’ family, The Curry family, The Helton Family (minus 1 child), The Ferguson family (minus one child and her husband!):



I think there are 9 kids and 3 on the way between all of us.  My, a lot can happen in just 14 years or so.

Love you all- can’t wait to get together again soon! :)

Jill’s Birthday

Today was my 31st birthday and I had a WONDERFUL day.  I really think this was one of my favorite birthdays. 

It was a very special day in the life of our church, South Tulsa Baptist Church.  We had a very special service at church this morning to dedicate our beautiful new building.  I have attended this church since I was a newborn, so it was really neat to look back on how far the church has come.  This church truly is my second home.   So many great memories were made for me here: being saved as a little girl, my baptism, youth group events,  my wedding, baby dedication for Emma, and the list goes on and on.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took during the service today.  They estimated that we had around 1100-1300 people there. There are 100 people in the choir!  WOW, we’ve come a long way!






After the dedication service, we went to Genghis Grill with my family for lunch.  I love this restaurant.  It’s new to Tulsa but we have been to the one in Arlington several times.  I’m so glad that we finally have one here! 

Here I am with mom after unwrapping this scarf that she gave me for my birthday.  She had to show me how to put it on. :)



I had a long nap after lunch, I just love Sunday afternoon naps.

Tonight we went back to the church for a performance by our church choir called “Sanctuary.”  I think I got goose bumps about 27 times, it was so awesome. 

After church we came home and watched the Cowboys game. 

I’d call that a pretty good day.  Thanks to my family for making my birthday special. 

Fall Party

On Saturday night, we had a fall party at the church with our awesome Sunday School class.   The party was originally scheduled to take place on some friends’ land, but due to all of the rain we’ve gotten, we had to change the venue.

We had a great time chowing down, going on a hayride, and hanging out with friends. 


Mommy and Emma before the party… this is as close as Emma was willing to get to me for the picture!



Emma and Aubrey:



Being silly with their nametags:



Ready to go on a hayride: