Big Sister Emma

We always knew that Emma would be a great big sister… but it wasn’t until we actually saw Emma with Foster that we truly realized that she was MADE to be a big sister.  She is such a nurturer by nature.  Did you know that the name Emma means “Nurse"?”

Emma spent a lot of time with Nana and Pops and Gigi during the time that we were in the hospital with Foster.  Unfortunately, Emma was fairly sick beginning two days before Foster was born.  We had to be very careful about how close we allowed Emma to get to Foster in the hospital because we definitely didn’t want him to get sick.

The day that Foster was born Pops and Gigi took Emma to Chick-Fil-A and the mall to shop and play.  When they got the call that Foster had arrived they headed to the hospital.  Emma first got to see Foster through the nursery windows where daddy and the nurses were by his side.  Here are the pictures of Emma seeing him for the first time.









Touching hands for the first time:



We gave Emma a gift from baby Foster- it was an Olivia doll and Olivia book.



We also gave Emma her own disposable camera so that she could take her own pictures of her new baby brother.  I can’t wait to get those developed!



The 2nd day- Emma was still very excited to see Foster!   Here he is napping on daddy.



Watching Gigi hold Foster:



Checking him out with mommy on the hospital bed:



We are so excited to watch the relationship between Emma and Foster grow and develop.  We know that she is going to be a great big sister!

Many more pictures of Foster and Emma to come…

One thought on “Big Sister Emma

  1. Congratulations to Emma for being such a great big sister (and to you for your precious baby boy)! Enjoy all those sweet newborn moments :-)

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