Foster James Curry

Foster James Curry was born on Tuesday, November 17th!  As scheduled, we went to the hospital early in the morning for an induction of labor… and just like last time we were 10 minutes late for our induction!   Thankfully, they still admitted us!

Labor went really well.  Fortunately, I progressed pretty steadily from the time the induction began and I was able to get my epidural just when things were beginning to get pretty painful.  At 2:10 my nurse checked me and said, “Oh my, I can see the head!”  She quickly got my doctor.  10 minutes and 3 pushes later, Foster was born. 

Foster did not cry much when he came out (which really worried this NICU nurse mommy) but he was very pink and had very good tone.  Ironically, he didn’t cry much at all is first few days of life- he’s just a really laid back baby!

Immediately upon seeing Foster, both my mom and Robin said, “He looks JUST like Emma did when she was born!”  He really did- it was kind of wild how much they looked alike.  I’ll do a post with comparison pictures later on.

Here are several pictures from Foster’s entrance into the world:


Jill during the very early part of labor:



Nana reading a magazine article to me while I labored away:



Here he is!:



8 pounds, 7 ounces… just one more ounce that Emma!:



Foster and Mommy:



Daddy and Foster:



Foster with his Mommy and Daddy:



I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on Foster… it was definitely love at first site.  There sure is something special about little boys- they are just so sweet!

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