Passing the time waiting for Foster…

How do you pass the time while waiting for the new addition to your family?

We play Candy Land!

Here we are one night last week passing the time…


The red player is Emma, the green player is mommy, the yellow players is “baby Foster,” and the blue player is our dog, Koby.



Concentrating hard….



Emma and mommy at the end of the game…


“Mommy, I’m not tired…”

Emma is notorious for saying she’s NOT TIRED when she is REALLY REALLY TIRED!  From what Robin’s parents tell me, he was the same way when he was little.  He “fought” sleep even when he was tired.  Emma is exactly the same way.  She does not like to nap and often fights to keep her eyes open when she’s really tired.  Stubborn, stubborn!

One morning, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. I was kind of panicked, I looked everywhere I could think of…. and then I found her here…. in our formal living room curled up in a not-very-comfy formal chair, ASLEEP!  Apparently, she was tired.  I love that she has her “lovie,” the bunny with her sticking out between here feet. 



Showered by our Friends…

We have been very blessed to have 2 small baby showers for Baby Foster.  Thank goodness Foster won’t have to wear all of Emma’s pink hand-me-downs!

The first mini-shower was on Oct. 26th with some of my good friends who go out monthly for a Girls Night Out.  Most of us used to work together at Jenks West and several of us are now stay-at-home-moms.  I love getting together with these girls.  We laugh, share stories about our kiddos, and just relax.  We got together at The Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorite restaurants.  I’m bummed that I forgot to take any pictures while we were there, but here are the gifts!




The next shower was a “Diapers and Wipes” (and a few other goodies) shower given by our awesome Sunday School class on Sunday, Nov. 1st.  They really blessed us with diapers- how nice it will be not to have to buy diapers every time we go to the store for the next several months!

I’ve already shown a picture of this on my blog, but here is the diaper cake that we saw when we first walked into our shower:



Emma at home with the loot!  We didn’t open the presents until we got home which was very fun for Emma:



Mommy and Emma reading the cards:



I love this sweet sweater and hat outfit!:



Emma playing with the tissue paper following the gift unwrapping!


Thank you so much to all of our generous friends for the wonderful gifts.  We feel very loved. 

Foster’s Room is Ready!

We finally finished Foster’s room… now he can come. :)

Foster’s room is decorated with blue and brown with a splash of puppies. :)  I found some Pottery Barn Kids bedding at the Just Between Friends consignment sale that I really liked so I used that as a starting point but I ended up adding a lot of brown!

My sweet Aunt Judy bought us a very cool “Shaggy Raggy Chocolate Rug” from Peek-A-Boo baby.  Funny story… this was the THIRD rug that we tried out in the room.  She bought each rug that I picked out, then returned it after I changed my mind.  What a sweet Aunt. :)  I think we all love the final rug- ‘third time’s a charm’, right?  It’s so soft and fun to stand on. 

We re-used all of the furniture that we used for Emma but changed the drawer pulls to brown instead of pink.  



We bought the wall decal above his bed off of  I love seeing his name each time I walk into his room. :)



Changing table with canvas puppies:



Dresser- this is the dresser that my dad refinished right before Emma was born.  It was my dad’s dresser when he was a baby. 



Just had to include this picture… what does NOT belong in this picture???  Two laptop computers.  Robin occasionally uses this room as a secondary office when he needs a change of scenery.  Maybe Foster will learn to ‘play computer’ early on?



This is one of my favorite things in the room… My sweet friend Jamey made this diaper cake for us!  I am amazed by her talent.  It matches his room perfectly.  I plan to leave it on the dresser until I need the diapers- that will be a sad day. 



This is another one of my favorites…. My sweet friend Terra made this beautiful framed poem for Foster.  It is the sweetest poem about having a baby boy.  It brings tears to my eyes each time that I read it.  Do you see Foster’s 1st and middle name on the picture???  Have I mentioned on the blog yet that we decided on a middle name??? Foster James Curry



Funny story about the curtains… nothing is every quite easy for us! I ordered these curtains from Pottery Barn Kids.  Each panel came from a different place because they were discontinued… after hanging them we realized they were slightly different lengths.  Mom and I tried to blame it on Robin hanging the rod incorrectly.  It took us about an hour to figure out that they truly were different lengths.  Mom plans to hem the curtains so they will hang perfectly.  Poor poor Robin.  He never wants to hang curtains again.



I have to admit that I didn’t get AS into decorating Foster’s room as I did with Emma’s room.  I guess the main factor is that I had so much more time and energy to decorate Emma’s room. 

However, I am very pleased with the way Foster’s room turned out and am grateful to our family for helping us paint, decorate, and furnish the nursery. 

You can come anytime now Foster… we’re ready!  (at least we think we are.)