Showered by our Friends…

We have been very blessed to have 2 small baby showers for Baby Foster.  Thank goodness Foster won’t have to wear all of Emma’s pink hand-me-downs!

The first mini-shower was on Oct. 26th with some of my good friends who go out monthly for a Girls Night Out.  Most of us used to work together at Jenks West and several of us are now stay-at-home-moms.  I love getting together with these girls.  We laugh, share stories about our kiddos, and just relax.  We got together at The Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorite restaurants.  I’m bummed that I forgot to take any pictures while we were there, but here are the gifts!




The next shower was a “Diapers and Wipes” (and a few other goodies) shower given by our awesome Sunday School class on Sunday, Nov. 1st.  They really blessed us with diapers- how nice it will be not to have to buy diapers every time we go to the store for the next several months!

I’ve already shown a picture of this on my blog, but here is the diaper cake that we saw when we first walked into our shower:



Emma at home with the loot!  We didn’t open the presents until we got home which was very fun for Emma:



Mommy and Emma reading the cards:



I love this sweet sweater and hat outfit!:



Emma playing with the tissue paper following the gift unwrapping!


Thank you so much to all of our generous friends for the wonderful gifts.  We feel very loved. 

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