Youth Group Reunion

Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to reunite with some of my very favorite people… my old youth group clan.  From about 1991-1995 these people were my world.  We saw each other 2-3 times/week, hung out on the weekend, etc. I was the youngest in the group and I remember it being very sad for me when most of them left for college and I was still left at home. 

This past weekend, several out-of-staters were in Oklahoma for their 10 year college reunion at Oklahoma Baptist University(all of them went there except for me.)  This gave us a great opportunity to all get together and catch up.  Sadly, not everyone was able to come, but we plan to get together again soon.

Robin had met most of them before but this is the first time we’d gotten together with all of the kiddos too… what a zoo!  It’s so funny to see how people have changed, but really, we’re all just the same!


The original clan without kids (left to right): Randall Frye, Ronnie Monigold (one of our teachers), Lorrie White, Amy Monigold (one of our teachers), Megan Tarter, Me, Carrie Shain, Kelly Shain



With kids and spouses (left to right): The Falat Family, The Frye Family, The Balderas’ family, The Curry family, The Helton Family (minus 1 child), The Ferguson family (minus one child and her husband!):



I think there are 9 kids and 3 on the way between all of us.  My, a lot can happen in just 14 years or so.

Love you all- can’t wait to get together again soon! :)

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