Baby Jesus

This past Sunday Robin, Foster, and I had the honor of playing the Nativity Family during the choir special at church.  Our part came during a beautiful song by Michael W. Smith called “Son of God.”   I’ll have to say it was a very emotional moment for me and a memory that I will never forget.  Right before we went out on stage, I was so nervous.  Nervous that Foster would poop, nervous that Foster would cry, nervous that I would trip, nervous that my headpiece was going to fall off.  And then when we got out on stage the instruments were playing, the spotlight was on Foster, and I was just overcome with emotion.  All of my silly fears went away and I just gazed at my son.   Wow!  While I know that I am not actually Mary, and Foster is not actually Jesus, I couldn’t help but think that Mary and I probably shared very similar thoughts… “God, please help me raise him well.”  “God, thank you for this amazing gift.”  “God, thank you for making me his mommy.” 

I also looked up for a split-second and saw my family sitting on the front row and was just so grateful to have such supportive family members who are there for us and love us unconditionally.  It also made me very sad that my dad hasn’t been around to get to know my kids- he sure would have loved them. 

The humorous part came at the end when I went to pick Foster up from the manger and half of the hay came with him.  We were tangled in hay for several seconds and we really struggled to break free from the hay!  Oh well.  

We think it’s pretty funny that on Foster’s very 1st day to church, he got to play the role of Jesus.  It doesn’t get much better than that!!!

nativity 001 

nativity 002

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