Boo Boo Elephant

Who knew that getting a boo boo could be so fun?  The other night, Emma accidentally fell and bumped her head on a chair in the hallway.  She was very upset… until we introduced her to the “Boo Boo Elephant,” very similar to the “Boo Boo Bunny,” and many other boo boo animals which are basically ice packs in disguise. 

Emma had so much fun holding this ice pack on her head- she was very dramatic about it!  I wish I’d had one of these for each of my students when I was a school nurse… I never could figure out how to get the little kids to hold ice packs on head bumps.

Her bump was on the right side of her forehead but you’ll notice in the 1st picture that she sometimes held the ice pack on the left side.  Oh well!

Also, in the last pictures you’ll see that she added another animal to the mix just for good measure.





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