Christmas Morning

After a very fun Christmas Eve (that included us really hyping up how fun Christmas morning would be) we were very surprised that Emma didn’t wake up super early!  She got to sleep in Nana’s room and luckily she slept really well.  She finally woke up around 8:30 and came out to the living room where we had our camera ready to go.  She immediately ran to the plate of cookies that she left for Santa and made sure that the cookies were gone.  We then read her the note that Santa left. 


In case you can’t read the letter from Santa… it reads, “ Emma- Thanks for the milk and cookies.  They were fantastic!  Thanks for being a good girl this year. Remember to always obey your Mommy and Daddy and keep learning about Jesus and the gift He gave.  I must go now.  Aubrey’s house is next!!        Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!!   -Santa

Here are the toys that Santa left for Emma: TWO stockings full of goodies, a soccer goal and soccer ball, a pink laptop computer, and a McDonald’s cash register with play food.  IMG_5037

Peeking in her stocking: (she got some watercolor paints and Dora paint book, a PEZ dispenser, some Hello Kitty socks, some headbands, some stamps, and more!)IMG_5110

Oh boy…an battery powered Hello Kitty toothbrush!IMG_5053

Waiting patiently to open gifts:IMG_5142

Emma is so blessed to have so many people that love to shower her with gifts.  This was the first year that she really got into opening presents and GIVING presents.  We are really trying to instill in her that it is ‘better to give than to receive’… that’s a very hard concept for a 3 year old though, I know! :) Emma got SO many wonderful gifts and they are not all pictured here. These are just a few of her favorite things:

An Aqua doodle from Aunt Judy, Uncle Ron, and Christi:  (Emma loves her Aqua doodle and I do too… she can draw as often as she likes and it’s not messy at all!)IMG_5168

This was the cutest gift (also from Aunt Judy)- an apron made to hold her crayons!  Art talent runs in our family you know. :)IMG_5184

A very cute monkey that teaches Emma to get dressed, complete with snaps, Velcro, buttons, and shoelaces.  It is so cute!    This was also from Aunt Judy, Uncle Ron, and Christi:IMG_5155

A pink umbrella from Nana- you can clearly see by the look in her eyes that she loved this gift:IMG_5197


Another adorable gift from Aunt Judy (yes, she spoils Emma!)  This was a very cute dress-up set complete with a tutu, floral headpiece with flowing ribbons, butterfly wings, and boa.  IMG_5239


Gifts not pictured include: a Baby Achoo doll (a baby that sneezes!), several great puzzles, a purse, a collection of CD’s, a leap frog handheld reading toy, 2 sets of pajamas, and few other things that I can’t currently recall! 

We were so thankful that Cousin Haley and her mom made it to our gathering later in the day.  Here, Haley is opening a gift from Emma- a bracelet with “Haley” engraved on it:IMG_5316

You may be wondering what Foster was doing all day long… he was having a good time too. :) Foster also received some great gifts not pictured here including: a mobile and Aquarium soother from Nana, a caterpillar counting musical crib toy from Judy, Ron and Christi,  some wonderful baby boutique items from Judy, and a polar bear t-shirt from Uncle Brandon.  Emma opened all of Foster’s gifts for him (as if she didn’t have enough of her own to open!!!)

 Here is Foster with his big sister:IMG_5181

Foster hangin’ with Uncle Brandon.  It looks like Brandon doesn’t know how to hold a baby.  He DOES know how to hold Foster, he was just being very laid back at the moment.  IMG_5130

Bright eyed:IMG_5163

Fast asleep:IMG_5287    

After gift opening, Mommy got to take a 2 hour nap too (this was one of my favorite gifts.)

These pictures were just from Christmas morning!!!…soon to come will be a post about our afternoon in the snow!

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