Cousin Dillon

My mom’s brother Danny, and his son Dillon, got to come to Tulsa for several days for Thanksgiving.  Technically, I guess Emma and Dillon are 2nd cousins.   Emma absolutely LOVES Dillon and likes to do everything that he does.  We are always so impressed with the way Dillon is so sweet to Emma.  It seems like he doesn’t mind at all playing with an almost 3 year old little girl.  Here are some pictures of Emma and Dillon hanging out.



Playing in the pack-n-play together:IMG_3537

Dillon drawing for Emma… I love the football diagrams on the right side of the board!:IMG_3538

Emma, Foster, and Dillon:IMG_3467

Emma watching Dillon play on the computer:IMG_3524

Dillon, we’re already looking forward to seeing you again NEXT Thanksgiving!  We love you!

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