Daddy time…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…  Emma LOVES her daddy.   We crack up because she truly misses him if he leaves to get a haircut one afternoon a month!  She is so spoiled to have him at home all day every day.  And honestly, we think he is spoiled also to get to watch her grow up through all of the fun and not-so-fun stages and moments. :)  He sees it all. 

Since Foster has been born, we have really noticed that Emma savors her ‘undivided attention’ time with each of us.  Until now, she has been an only child!  She is used to having us all to ourselves. While she adores Foster, she also adores us and we see her craving our attention.  Within the last couple of weeks she has started waking up from her naps and asking to be held by mommy and daddy.  She then cuddles on the couch with one of us and finishes up her nap. :)  Here she is cuddling with daddy.



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