Emma’s 3rd Birthday

“Oh Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree… Emma C. is turning THREE!”

Christmas Trees


For Emma’s 3rd Birthday, I was really in turmoil over whether or not to have a party since we have a newborn at home.   I wanted her to have a special, memorable day, but I also wanted to stay sane. :)  To make matters worse, this is the first year that Emma has been REALLY excited about her Birthday and has asked daily about her Birthday party for several months!  Each year we have done a small family party and invited only 1 or 2 friends and we kept with that tradition again this year.  We had a small family party at our house.  We decided to eat pizza and decorate Christmas cookies.

When I voiced my idea to decorate Christmas cookies, my mom and Robin looked at me like ‘Are you crazy?’  I said, “I’m just going to make a few sugar cookies and I’ll make it really simple.”  I’m learning more about myself every day… Jill doesn’t DO simple.  Here are pictures of the cookies and the cookie decorating supplies.  I know, I know, I’m crazy.

Just a “few” sugar cookies… (8 dozen to be exact… there are more in a Tupperware container that aren’t pictured!)IMG_4431 

“Simple” decorationsIMG_4426

Emma spent most of her Birthday Day with Nana while I cooked cookies.  Emma and Nana went to the Library to read books and then they went to McDonald’s to have lunch and play on the playground.  The plan was to then go to Nana’s house to take a LONG nap so she would be rested for the party.   Well, despite Nana’s very best efforts, Emma would not nap- she was too excited to sleep!  SO, she was very tired at her party- you can really tell in the pictures how very tired she was! 

Opening gifts…IMG_4448

A very special gift from Pops and Gigi… it came in the mail on her Birthday and she was so excited to open it!  Pops drew special pictures on the box for Emma… he always draws pictures for her on her easel when he is here.  IMG_4471

Emma did not want ANY help opening gifts this year- she did it all by herself!IMG_4493

Some of the guests included: Her best friend from church, Aubrey (who turned 3 exactly 3 weeks before Emma):IMG_4495

Aunt Judy, Uncle Brandon, and Foster:IMG_4497

Blowing out the candle on the cake- she did great!IMG_4542

Cookie decorating time…

Here is Chloe decorating her gingerbread man:IMG_4549

Emma decorating her gingerbread man:IMG_4550

The whole clan decorating cookies… My friend Christy was a huge help- she knew just how to divvy up the supplies so that things weren’t mass chaos!  IMG_4559


The kids attention spans only lasted through TWO cookies each…. so I have a few sugar cookies in my freezer if anyone needs any… just let me know!!!

After decorating cookies, the girls were dying to go play with some of Emma’s new toys in her room.  They had a dance party and played dress up:IMG_4610

Baby Foster spent the entire evening being held by his adoring relatives.  Here he is with Uncle Ron:IMG_4619

Unfortunately, Koby was NOT invited to the party.  We shipped him off to Nana’s house for the evening and he came home AFTER the party.  He has been known to steal food off the kitchen table and I wasn’t willing to risk it!  He is clearly upset in this picture- he knows that a party went on without him!  Poor, poor dog!IMG_4421 

Overall, it was a very successful party. Emma had a great time- she’s still talking about how much fun she had.  However, each year I need to remind myself that simple is good.  All that matters is that Emma knows that she is LOVED, that Emma has a good time, and we make memories as a family. 

I can’t believe my first baby is 3 years old!  Time flies.  I love you Emma!

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