Emma’s “Friends”

Just a quick post to share with everyone Emma’s favorite people…..


I know what you’re thinking, “These are not people Jill.”  Oh, but they ARE to Emma.  Emma talks to these friends as if they are very REAL.  She disciplines them, praises them, has fights with them, etc.  It is really quite hilarious to watch her interact with them.  We are discovering that Emma has an extremely vivid imagination- she often tells us elaborate stories about her friends that we know are quite impossible!  This past week she lined them all up in chairs for a “class picture.” She told them all to smile and she said, “Great job kids!” when the picture was over.  She really cracks us up.  At bedtime we must account for ALL of her friends in her bed.  We often have to search the house for the missing friend.

I love you Emma, you are just so precious.  Thanks for keeping us on our toes!


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