Hey, we’ve moved!

Blogs that is….

What better time for a blog makeover than with the addition of a new family member?  Over the past few weeks, Robin has worked really hard on a new design and I’m so pleased with the way it turned out!  My main request was to have larger pictures since pictures are the main focus of my blog.  With the change in design, we have also moved addresses… www.alittlespiceofcurry.com, no longer requiring blogspot.com at the end. (however, going to the old site will still direct you to the new site.)

I have also updated all of my links.  Please feel free to look around and visit my friends’ blogs as well…I hope you enjoy the new site!

Here are a few pictures of Foster from the past several days.  I will be updating the blog with pictures from Thanksgiving and other recent events soon!






Emma used to sleep this way also… arms straight up in the air!IMG_3652

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