“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…”

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One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories was when we got snowed in at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Day when I was about 8 years old.  I just remember that my family got to spend a lot of quality time together.  We played games, we watched movies, we played in the snow, we ate, we talked… but most importantly we were TOGETHER.  There’s just something magical about being forced to stay home if you are with people you love.  This year, we were given that gift again! 

The weathermen began forecasting snow early Christmas week and I got very excited but I tried not to get my hopes up.  During the Thursday morning news they said that we were definitely getting snow and we needed to plan to stay where we were after about 3 or 4 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve.  Robin and I decided to pack up and plan to stay at my mom’s house in case the roads became bad.  Mom only lives 2 miles away from us but we didn’t want to risk not being able to come home or not being able to return on Christmas morning.  By the way- it’s amazing how much packing is required for 2 adults, a toddler, and a newborn for just ONE night!  It looked like we were moving in!

Well, we received some snow… 8 inches in the form of a blizzard to be exact!  We ended up staying at mom’s for 2 nights because the roads were so bad.  The snow was beautiful and the time spent with my family was even more beautiful.  

We got to Nana’s house just after lunch time on Christmas Eve.  My aunt Judy and brother Brandon got to spend the night too.  Nana had crafts for Emma, Brandon made us a very yummy gourmet meal, we read the Christmas story, played games, and just hung out.

image image Craft time: Nana had some special snowflakes for Emma to color with markersIMG_4725

 Nana reading “The Christmas Story” to Emma:IMG_4729

After reading “The Christmas Story,” Nana let Emma set up her Nativity Scene.  Emma LOVED the nativity pieces and carried several of them around the house with her:IMG_4816

Emma and the donkey:IMG_4810

Emma brought the little lamb to dinner with her… here it is next to daddy’s glass on the table!:IMG_4861

My brother, “Chef Brandon” fixing us an amazing meal: Filet Mignon topped with crab meat, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, and creme brulee for dessert!  It was mouth watering:IMG_4855

The meal, minus the garlic mashed potatoes:IMG_4857

I had to include this picture of my brother’s Christmas Eve attire:  IMG_4853

Nana reading Emma “Twas the Night Before Christmas”IMG_4895

Here is Foster during the reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”IMG_4915

Foster and Daddy checking out the snow outside:IMG_4922

Foster’s 1st real smile caught on camera… he was excited about Christmas!IMG_4955

 Emma eating snow out of a cup!  She loved it. IMG_4933_1

 Sponge rollers in her hair for the night before Christmas… Emma also got to open these new Elmo p.j.’s from NanaIMG_4927


 Decorating cookies to leave for Santa (remember, I had a few cookies left over from Emma’s birthday party!)IMG_4971



 Writing a letter to Santa with Daddy…IMG_5002

Emma signing her name…IMG_5013 IMG_5018

  Ready for Santa…IMG_5032

One thought on ““I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…”

  1. I loved re-living those 2 days and 2 nights with these pictures and awesome narration!
    It was a great time!

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