No Place I’d Rather Be…

These aren’t the greatest pictures of mommy, but I had to share…

Robin took these pictures of me with the kids the past couple of nights.  Anytime I am holding Foster, Emma wants to cuddle as well (who knew it would just take having another baby to make Emma cuddle with mommy and daddy!) Our dog has also begun to be a little needy- requesting to sit by me anytime I’m holding Foster.  He did this right after Emma was born too!

Looking at these pictures, I realize that my lifelong dreams have come true.  I’m married to a wonderful Christian man, and I have two wonderful children (and a sometimes-wonderful dog)!  What more could I ask for?  All my life I’ve dreamed of being a mommy, and here I am.  I pray that I will strive to live “in the moment” and cherish the blessings that HE has given me. 



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