Thanksgiving Day

Emma started Thanksgiving Day off by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.  She loved the floats, the dancers, and the singing.  Here is a picture of Emma watching the parade- she requested to have her Dora table moved in front of the TV so she could eat breakfast while watching the parade! She also requested to be waited on by Daddy during the parade- what service!


Here is Foster all bundled up and ready to head to Nana’s house for Thanksgiving lunch:IMG_3458

Nana’s beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table… by the way- the roses were giving to Nana by us.  What was the occasion you ask?  She passed her National Board Exam for teachers- this is HUGE!!!  We are so proud of her.  What a relief and what an accomplishment for our Nana.


And her is Nana, aka. Martha Stewart, finishing off our Thanksgiving feast.  She had been so sick in the days before Thanksgiving but somehow she and my Aunt Judy managed to pull off a wonderfully delicious spread of food.   My mother-in-law also brought sweet potatoes which Emma LOVED.       (Please notice in this picture that my mom is overfilling the gravy boat- this was her one flaw this year, she just got carried away I guess!)


Here we are sitting down to dinner.  Foster slept in his carrier during the entire meal- what a nice baby to let me eat. :)


After lunch we just lounged at Nana’s house, watched football, browsed the Black Friday shopping ads, and played cards.  That evening, we came home and put up our Christmas tree.  (see the next blog post!)

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