Christmas is Finally Over!

We just returned home from a wonderful one week trip to Texas where we celebrated Christmas with Robin’s family and introduced Foster to several good friends!  Please scroll down to make sure you see all of the recent posts.  I think I’m finally caught up!

Here’s a picture of Foster, our BIG 2 MONTH OLD!!!


The Rowes Meet Foster

As if we hadn’t already had a ton of fun our Texas road trip, we made one last stop in Allen, TX to play with the Rowe girls.  The Rowes are also our good friends from Baylor- the other couple that we went to the Beach with last summer!  They have two adorable girls: Emerson (3 years old), and Hayden (14 months.)  Emma and Emerson love playing together and this time was no exception.  Unfortunately, Scott had to work so we didn’t get to see him- we’ll catch him next time.

Jessica fixed an awesome lunch for us and then the girls played for about an hour before we had to get back on the road.  Thanks Jessica, Emmy, and Hayden for hosting us for lunch- we had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer!

Jessica meeting Foster with Hayden looking on:IMG_6342

Emma and Emmy eating lunch:IMG_6339

Emma unwrapping a gift for Foster:IMG_6348

The girls had so much fun reading together on the couch!IMG_6365


Christmas in January

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we celebrated Christmas with Robin’s side of the family on January 16th so that we could ALL be together, including our newest niece, Lylah.  After meeting Lylah and having a pizza dinner, we all settled in for some gift giving.  Things were SO different this year.  With 3 new babies born within the last 5 months, things were slightly hectic!  I have a feeling that from here on out, each year will only get crazier! 

Emma posing next to our gifts- yes, we had a lot of gifts to open!IMG_6177

Robin posing with the Taggie blanket that his GrandMom made for Foster:IMG_6183

Foster posing with a few of his gifts!:IMG_6188

Pops and Gigi on ‘baby duty’ as we opened gifts!IMG_6190

Emma got a fun new game called “Puppy Bingo”- she loves to play it!IMG_6191

Foster sleeping on Pops… again!IMG_6170

Crystal and Zane- he was so sleepy by the time we got around to opening gifts:IMG_6178

Tommy posing with the cowboy hat that we gave Zane:IMG_6194

Emma opening her very cool digital camera from Pops and Gigi- now she can take pictures like mommy!:IMG_6202

Zane posing in his cowboy hat:IMG_6257

Robin, Craig, and Foster:IMG_6335

Christmas with 3 young babies was SO exhausting.  This pictures speaks for itself.  Busted Robin!IMG_6267

Meeting Sweet Lylah Belle

Our newest niece, Lylah Belle, was born on January 6th with a full head of the most beautiful auburn red hair you’ve ever seen.  I didn’t get a picture of Craig, Fallon, and Lylah together but here are a few of Lylah!

Lylah Belle:IMG_6113

Lylah loved gazing at her Uncle Robin:IMG_6150

Gigi and Lylah:IMG_6135

Pops and Lylah- notice she is asleep on his shoulder: IMG_6263

Crystal, Gigi, Lylah, Robin, and Emma:IMG_6249

All 4 cousins from youngest to oldest: Lylah (10 days), Foster (2 months), Zane (4 1/2 months), and Emma (3 years):IMG_6272

Lylah and Foster:IMG_6278

Lylah is already beating up on the boys!IMG_6281

It is safe to say that Pops and Gigis’ “Cups Overfloweth!”IMG_6299

The Kreys Meet Foster


On our way to Dripping Springs we made a quick pit stop in Waco to see our good friends, the Kreys.  (Disclaimer: to my other good friends in Waco (Kylie and Meg), please know that I would have loved to have been able to see you all and your beautiful babies too, but we had such a short amount of time, it just wasn’t possible.  We do plan to come to Homecoming this year and I would LOVE to see you all!!!)

Conner and Robin have been best friends since forever ago and Kathy and I became good friends in college.  Since marriage, we have taken several very fun vacations together including a ski trip to Colorado, a trip to New York, and our most recent beach trip to Galveston.

Conner and Kathy have the most precious twin boys, Oliver and Elliott, who are 3 1/2 year old.  They are so adorable and were so sweet to Emma.  They even let her play with their cars.

By the way, Kathy is a super talented photographer.  She took the beach pictures that play on the slideshow at the top of our blog.  She recently started a photography business in the Waco , Austin, and DFW areas.  Please visit her site here to see her work.  I highly recommend her.


Conner and Foster:IMG_6082

Elliott kissing Foster:IMG_6091

Oliver, Emma, and Elliott:IMG_6095

Adding Foster to the picture…IMG_6104

Robin and Conner exchanging a ‘dap’: 



We just returned from a week long trip to Texas for our Christmas with the Curry side of the family… we definitely win the record for celebrating Christmas the farthest away from December 25th… only 3 weeks late! BUT, we have a very good excuse.  We were waiting for Robin’s brother and sister-in-law, Craig and Fallon, to have their baby girl. 

So, we started the trip by traveling to Arlington to stay with his parents for a couple of nights before traveling to Dripping Springs, TX (outside of Austin) where Craig and Fallon just moved. 

Foster in his carseat.  He was a really good traveler- he slept most of the trip.  I sat in the back seat between Emma and Foster because I wanted to be available if Foster needed me.  Emma and I ended up having a great time reading books and playing stickers.  IMG_5930

Pops has the ‘magic touch’ with all of the grandchildren.  After holding them for about 2 minutes on his shoulder, they fall into a deep deep sleep!  IMG_5945


3 of the grandkids: Foster, Zane, and EmmaIMG_5958

Foster and ZaneIMG_5992

I’m not sure what Foster and Zane are doing here during tummy time but it looks like they are arm wrestling!IMG_6029

Foster was really fussy on this trip.  Within the past couple of weeks, I think he’s developed reflux. :(  He cries a lot after feedings and does not like to be laid down at all.  Pops and Gigi were very helpful and calming fussy Foster. 

Here is Gigi giving Foster a sweet kiss. IMG_6037

Robin, Pops, and Gigi gazing at Foster IMG_6061

Tommy and Emma making brownies- he’s such a fun uncle!IMG_6070

Bath Time

Foster has really started to enjoy bath time which makes it more fun for me too!  He loves the feel of the water on his body and he just coos and smiles through the entire bath.  Yes, I sometimes give him baths in the sink, it’s just so convenient for now while he still fits. :)  Here are a few pictures from bath time last week.




The best part of the bath is at the end when I get to wrap him up in a towel and snuggle.  I’m totally busted here… I occasionally use one of Emma’s pink baby towels to dry him off.  I just grab whatever is clean.  Poor guy.


The Many Faces of Emma

When I tell people that Emma is dramatic, they seem very confused.  Apparently, Emma is only dramatic at home with her mommy and daddy. :)

So… just to show you all a taste of what we see, here are a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago at dinner time when we were requiring her to eat just “two more bites.” 



Daddy had just said to her, “Don’t smile Emma, whatever you do, DON’T smile.”  IMG_5854

Is this the cutest pouty face you’ve ever seen or what?IMG_5872

Who’s Who?

It is really uncanny how much Foster reminds me of Emma.  Sometimes I look at him and think that he IS Emma.  Robin agrees with me.  From the minute Foster was born Robin and I both said that they were spitting images of each other.  Some friends and family members don’t see it though.  Here are a few pictures for comparison.  I had difficulty finding exact poses which would make it easier to see.  Can you tell who is who??? Of course, you might be able to tell by the clothes they are wearing or the bow in their hair!  Putting these pictures side by side helped me realize their differences.  They have different shaped heads and one had more hair than the other. :)

Foster at 1 day old:IMG_2304                                                                                                Emma at 1 day old:IMG_3992

Foster smiling with tongue out:                                                              Emma smiling with tongue sticking out:IMG_5821                 IMG_0012

Foster sleeping with left arm up:                                                          Emma sleeping with left arm up:IMG_3921                 IMG_0047                 

Foster at 6 weeks:                                                                                                Emma at 6 weeks:IMG_4344            6weeks3

What do you think???

Drowning in Laundry

I’m not sure how some moms survive the laundry piles with more than two kids!???  I seem to be drowning in laundry with only two kids!  In this picture below, Foster is literally drowning laundry. (Can you find him behind the clothes???) Don’t worry, he wasn’t harmed in this picture.  I like to sing to him and smile at him while I fold the laundry.  It’s some special bonding time.


Foster has really started smiling and cooing this past week.  I am eating it up!  He sticks his tongue out just like Emma used to do!