We just returned from a week long trip to Texas for our Christmas with the Curry side of the family… we definitely win the record for celebrating Christmas the farthest away from December 25th… only 3 weeks late! BUT, we have a very good excuse.  We were waiting for Robin’s brother and sister-in-law, Craig and Fallon, to have their baby girl. 

So, we started the trip by traveling to Arlington to stay with his parents for a couple of nights before traveling to Dripping Springs, TX (outside of Austin) where Craig and Fallon just moved. 

Foster in his carseat.  He was a really good traveler- he slept most of the trip.  I sat in the back seat between Emma and Foster because I wanted to be available if Foster needed me.  Emma and I ended up having a great time reading books and playing stickers.  IMG_5930

Pops has the ‘magic touch’ with all of the grandchildren.  After holding them for about 2 minutes on his shoulder, they fall into a deep deep sleep!  IMG_5945


3 of the grandkids: Foster, Zane, and EmmaIMG_5958

Foster and ZaneIMG_5992

I’m not sure what Foster and Zane are doing here during tummy time but it looks like they are arm wrestling!IMG_6029

Foster was really fussy on this trip.  Within the past couple of weeks, I think he’s developed reflux. :(  He cries a lot after feedings and does not like to be laid down at all.  Pops and Gigi were very helpful and calming fussy Foster. 

Here is Gigi giving Foster a sweet kiss. IMG_6037

Robin, Pops, and Gigi gazing at Foster IMG_6061

Tommy and Emma making brownies- he’s such a fun uncle!IMG_6070

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