Bath Time

Foster has really started to enjoy bath time which makes it more fun for me too!  He loves the feel of the water on his body and he just coos and smiles through the entire bath.  Yes, I sometimes give him baths in the sink, it’s just so convenient for now while he still fits. :)  Here are a few pictures from bath time last week.




The best part of the bath is at the end when I get to wrap him up in a towel and snuggle.  I’m totally busted here… I occasionally use one of Emma’s pink baby towels to dry him off.  I just grab whatever is clean.  Poor guy.


One thought on “Bath Time

  1. I love all your new posts and pictures!!!!! I was sad yesterday b/c you hadn’t posted in awhile. Little Foster is just adorable!!!! And Emma is so cute with him!!!! Hope ya’ll are enjoying the new year!!! :)

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