Christmas Afternoon

After opening gifts all morning we had a very yummy lunch.  Ham with cherry sauce is our tradition on Christmas Day and it was great again this year.  After dinner, Nana helped Emma snuff (is that a word?) out the candles.  We told her that she can only do this when an adult is helping her.  She sure felt like a big girl!



After lunch it was snow time!!!

What a special gift to have beautiful snow to play in on Christmas Day!  Foster and Mommy stayed inside Nana’s house by the fire and watched out the window while Emma, Nana, Brandon, and Robin played in the snow. 



Emma loved walking in the deep snow! IMG_5320edit

Emma, Nana, and Brandon made a snowman using items from Nana’s garage and kitchen as accessories.   IMG_5349edit


Making a snow angel…IMG_5370edit

Snowball fight with Uncle B…


Emma was very giddy on Christmas Day night… she was very very silly!  Here she is eating a bedtime snack (ham and cottage cheese!)IMG_5392



Judy cuddling with Foster:



Uncle Brandon reading to Emma before bed:


We had a wonderful Christmas with my family and our Christmas celebrations aren’t over yet!  We plan to go to Texas in a week or so after Robin’s brother and wife have their baby girl.  We will all get together to celebrate Lylah Belle’s birth and a belated Christmas.  We can’t wait to meet Lylah and have a Curry Christmas. 

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