Christmas in January

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we celebrated Christmas with Robin’s side of the family on January 16th so that we could ALL be together, including our newest niece, Lylah.  After meeting Lylah and having a pizza dinner, we all settled in for some gift giving.  Things were SO different this year.  With 3 new babies born within the last 5 months, things were slightly hectic!  I have a feeling that from here on out, each year will only get crazier! 

Emma posing next to our gifts- yes, we had a lot of gifts to open!IMG_6177

Robin posing with the Taggie blanket that his GrandMom made for Foster:IMG_6183

Foster posing with a few of his gifts!:IMG_6188

Pops and Gigi on ‘baby duty’ as we opened gifts!IMG_6190

Emma got a fun new game called “Puppy Bingo”- she loves to play it!IMG_6191

Foster sleeping on Pops… again!IMG_6170

Crystal and Zane- he was so sleepy by the time we got around to opening gifts:IMG_6178

Tommy posing with the cowboy hat that we gave Zane:IMG_6194

Emma opening her very cool digital camera from Pops and Gigi- now she can take pictures like mommy!:IMG_6202

Zane posing in his cowboy hat:IMG_6257

Robin, Craig, and Foster:IMG_6335

Christmas with 3 young babies was SO exhausting.  This pictures speaks for itself.  Busted Robin!IMG_6267

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