Days after Christmas

When we finally were able to come home after a snowed-in Christmas at my mom’s house, Emma kept saying things like, “What are we doing next?” and “Who’s coming over tonight?”  The days following Christmas can kind of be a let down, huh?  We keep telling her that we’ll see the rest of our family in a couple of weeks for another Christmas celebration…and then it will only be like 350 days until NEXT Christmas!  It’s kind of hard for a toddler to understand that though. :)

We’ve kept very busy the last few days playing with all of Emma’s new toys and hanging out with my mom while she’s been off work.

Mom took this picture below of all 4 of us on the couch watching the movie “Up”… Emma loved it and requested to watch it again the next day. 


Emma and Foster hangin’ outIMG_5430

Painting with her new Dora paints and paint book:IMG_5443


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